Coquitlam offers dog license discount until February 1

Dog owners will save $15 on annual fee

The City of Coquitlam is offering all dog owners a discount of $15 on dog licenses until February 1. The dog license bylaw has been in effect for the past several years and dog licences help to ensure that lost dogs will be returned quickly to their owners.

Dana Tong’s family complies with the bylaw because it’s their responsibility to do so as dog owners.

I don’t honestly know the huge benefits of it or anything. For my family it’s you have a dog, you have to have a license,” Tong said.

Compliance with dog license bylaws tends to be low because pet owners think it’s unnecessary to register their pets or have other means of identifying their dogs.

I know that a lot of people don’t find it necessary to register their pets with the city,” said Tong whose family dog is Oliver, a Havanese Yorkshire, that became part of the Tong household in 2010.

A dog license means you will not be fined for not having a license, your dog will be returned to you faster than if it was unlicensed, the public knows your dog has its latest rabies vaccination and the Coquitlam animal shelter benefits from the money you pay for a license.

All dog licenses in Coquitlam expired on Dec. 31, 2016 and owners who had licences received a notice in the mail. Old and new licences can be bought online on the city’s website at Dog Licence Renewal Service.



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