Parks to enjoy and protect the environment

Neighbourhood, community and city parks in Coquitlam offer different amenities for residents to enjoy near their homes and across the city. Google Images/Photo

Different types of parks for different kinds of enjoyment and keeping up with growing neighbourhoods, that’s the goal behind green spaces in Coquitlam.

“We’re in constant process of developing new parks, it’s based on growth. We have new parks that are either being planned or being built right now across the city,” said Kathleen Reinheimer, Coquitlam parks manager.

Neighbourhood, community and city parks offer Coquitlam residents different of experiences because of the amenities and activities they include. Neighbourhood parks are within walking distance of homes, community parks are farther away from homes and have more amenities than neighbourhood parks and city parks, such as Town Centre Park, offer a range of activities that attract people from across the urban area.

As neighbourhoods grow, the city looks to expand neighbourhood parks and waits for owners of property that can turned into park land, to sell their real estate. That’s what the city is doing at Cottonwood Park.

Reinheimer said, “We make a bid based on what our assessment says it is. Generally the property owner does their own assessment independently and then it’s negotiated. It’s a voluntary sale based on current land value. The city does not expropriate.”

Coquitlam’s trails wind through forests that allow resident to enjoy the natural surroundings. City of Coquitlam/Photo

The city grows indigenous plants in its parks when possible.

“We can’t put a native tree on a street scape because there isn’t room for a big cedar to develop or a big Douglas Fir to develop. It’s about finding the right plant for the condition and delivering an experience for the community,” Reinheimer said.

A 103-kilometre trail system that includes Lakeside Loop that winds around Como Lake Park and interlocking trails in Mundy Park & Riverview Forest Trails is part of the city’s protection of creeks and streams in natural areas and forests for the community to enjoy.

“It’s about ensuring we end up with sustainable and healthy ecosystems,” Reinheimer said.


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